Lawyers and Tax Lawyers

An experienced team of tax litigators, with an outstanding track record.

Tax audit
  Assistance during a tax audit
Representative with all contributors
The proposal letter stage
Appeal of the reassessement
Litigation before the courts
  Validation of transactions
Review of input tax credits claims
Support during a taxation audit
Net worth/wealth indicators

Net worth’s appraisal
Assistance with tax questionnaire
Assistance during audit
Go-between with collaborators
Negotiation of the proposal letter
Appeal of reassessement
Litigation before the courts

Volontary disclosure
  Assessment of your tax situation
Authorized representative for anonymous disclosure
Negotiation of instalment payments
Follow-up of the volontary disclosure process
Revision and negotiation of conditions
Tax litigation



Our tax experts have backgrounds from different fields (law, accounting, tax experience at government level, business administration, finance). They have a long experience with tax matters. They are in a position to provide essential support at every stage of any tax dispute.

Our professionals possess a sharp expertise much appreciated by controllers, finance vice-presidents, accountants, and even tax lawyers more involved in tax planning.

As good as are tax authorities, they also make errors, approximations, arbitrary assumptions. Some tactics can be overly aggressive : taxpayers have to fight. Whatever you have in mind, whatever the stage of any tax matter you are in, we can help.

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The audit   Volontary disclosure
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